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Edward John David Redmayne OBE is an English actor. Known for his roles in biopics and blockbusters, he has received various accolades, including an Academy …


2021年11月22日 … Eddie Redmayne was nominated for an Oscar for playing a transgender character in The Danish Girl.


Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne has said that playing a trans character in “The Danish Girl” was a “mistake.”


Eddie Redmayne, in full Edward John David Redmayne, born January 6, 1982, London, England, British actor known for his transformative performances and …


2021年11月22日 … The Danish Girl, released in 2015, starred Redmayne as Lili Ilse Elvenes AKA Lili Elbe, a painter and one of the first known recipients of sex …


2021年11月22日 … Eddie Redmayne’s casting in “The Danish Girl” attracted criticism at the time, though his performance earned him an Oscar nomination.


Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne has said that playing a trans character in ‘The Danish Girl’ was a ‘mistake.’


2021年11月21日 … Eddie Redmayne says he was wrong to play a trans woman in 2015’s ‘The Danish Girl.’


2021年11月22日 … The Oscar winner addressed the controversy surrounding his decision to star as Lili Elbe, one of the first people to undergo gender …


2021年11月22日 … Despite the awards attention, Redmayne’s casting drew criticism as the film did not cast a trans actor as Elbe. “No, I wouldn’t take it on now,” …


2021年11月22日 … Eddie was heavily criticized in 2015 for accepting the role of Lili Elbe, who was one of the first people to undergo gender affirmation …


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