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2022年3月21日 … Rob Gronkowski and USAA have teamed up for a series of commercials. For the first time, USAA has partnered with a civilian to promote their …


2021年9月13日 … Gronkowski became the first non-USAA member to promote the military-affiliated insurance company according to USAA. He calls USAA for “up to 30% …


Robert earns $46,875 as per active game bonus as of 2020. He has a base salary of $9 million. Rob Gronkowski Endorsements. With his charming personality and …


Rob Gronkowski’s Net Worth: How Gronk Made And Saved a Fortune · Rob Gronkowski’s NFL Career · Salary & NFL Contracts · Endorsement Deals · USAA.


2019年2月3日 … Sports contract website Spotrac estimates Gronk will have made over $53 million in cash earnings from the NFL at the end of the 2018-2019 season …


2021年10月24日 … Are there any other veterans who feel that Rob Gronkowski is disrespecting them for his commercial trying to worm his way into USAA? 21 Answers.


2021年9月12日 … 101 votes, 97 comments. Anyone else really disgusted with the new USAA commercial featuring Rob Gronkowski? The whole premise is that he …


2021年10月22日 … Despite a sizeable salary paid to him for his contributions to the Buccaneers, Gronkowski makes most of his millions from endorsements, like …


2021年6月2日 … As it is mentioned that Rob has a charming personality, it has helped him over his career to be the perfect face for commercial advertisements …


2022年1月18日 … Bucs tight end Rob Gronkowski tries to bamboozle military insurance that … insurance from USAA is the Trix and Gronk is the stupid rabbit.


2021年11月21日 … There’s a pause there and the whole bar took it as a “Rob is mentally challenged” joke. What’s your reads? like. 1 …


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