Rob Gronkowski Insurance Commercial

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Save up to 30% on your auto insurance for being a safe driver with USAA SafePilot. USAA. For the military community.


Gronk and Frank | USAA Commercial … Rob Gronkowski explains how he avoided a trade to the Lions by saying he was retired | FOX NFL.


2022年3月21日 … Gronk loves the military. But he’s not in the military. That’s the message of Rob Gronkowski’s commercial with USAA, the insurance company …


2022年1月18日 … If you’ve watched a second of NFL in the past two years, you’ve seen this. Bucs tight end and future hall-of-famer Rob Gronkowski tries to …


2021年12月29日 … At Frank’s restaurant, Rob Gronkowski grills the establishment’s namesake … Products: USAA Auto Insurance Quote … More USAA Commercials.


2021年9月26日 … NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski tries to out-impress a USAA insurance agent, touting his numerous Super Bowl and AFC Championship wins.


2021年11月1日 … If you watch professional sports, you likely have seen a plethora of cringe-worthy USAA ads featuring Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski …


2021年9月12日 … Anyone else really disgusted with the new USAA commercial featuring Rob Gronkowski? … I have found better deal on most insurance services.


What exactly is USAA insurance trying to say with those Rob Gronkowski commercials? Is he trying to lie about being in the military?


2021年9月13日 … Gronkowski became the first non-USAA member to promote the military-affiliated insurance company according to USAA. He calls USAA for “up to 30% …


Gronkowski didn’t write the script for the television spot, the media people at USAA did. He’s a high-profile pro athlete doing ad spots for an Insurance …


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