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2021年2月8日 … His father, Gordy Gronkowski, told Esquire in 2014 that his five sons slept wherever they “crashed.” Gronkowski and three of his brothers played …


He is the second youngest son of Gordon Gronkowski and Diane Walters, and is of Polish descent through his father. His father is a former college football guard …


2021年2月8日 … Rob Gronkowski is one of five very massive and former football-playing sons of Gordy Gronkowski, who, along with his wife Diane, …


2020年7月10日 … Rob Gronkowski, right, and dad Gordy Gronkowski arrive at the Kids’ Choice Sports Awards last July in Santa …


2021年2月7日 … A former offensive lineman at Syracuse University in the 1980s, Gordon Sr. co-founded G&G Fitness Equipment with his brother after college.


2015年12月9日 … Gordy [Gronkowski] used his own experiences–both positive and negative–as a guide for his sons’ individual athletic development.


2022年2月15日 … He and his siblings were ‘mistakes,’ according to his dad … After his parents, Gordon Gronkowski Sr. and Diane Walters got married they would …


2022年3月29日 … Dan Gronkowski is often credited by his family as being an inventive and strategic thinker, and he’s orchestrated two new business segments for …


Gronk provides his own voice in “Gronkowsbees” when he becomes an annoying neighbor to Peter and the gang. His brothers, Chris, Dan, Glenn and father Gordon, …


2021年1月17日 … The patriarch of the Gronkowski athlete family is the father, Gordie. He played college football at Syracuse University, where he started as an …


Every day is Father’s Day for Gordie Gronkowski … Rob Gronkowski was recently featured on the cover of GQ Magazine without a shirt, of course.


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