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2020年9月23日 … As part of his role as the Michigan-born activist, the English actor was tasked with taking on an American accent – which is something people …


Eddie Redmayne is shedding his traditional Englishman stereotype role and taking on a Michigan protestor in new movie The Trial of the …


Eddie Redmayne in ‘Hick’. Love it when he fakes an American accent … Part 3 of my “Eddie Redmayne Laughing” Appreciation Pin Eddie Redmayne, …


2016年10月7日 … … Eddie Redmayne said in the latest trailer for Fantastic Beasts? I’m American, so maybe the fact that I don’t hear the British accent all …


Eddie Redmayne talks about playing activist Tom Hayden in “The Trial of the Chicago 7.”Subscribe: https://bit.ly/2HFUeAKWebsite: …


Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne both star in biopics about ingenious English men.Produced by: Samantha StarkRead the full review of …


The Trial of the Chicago 7 They came to Chicago to end the war and started a revolution.The Trial Of The Chicago 7, written and directed by …


2020年9月23日 … Here are rave reviews for Eddie Redmayne’s accent work as displayed briefly in the new trailer today for Trial of the Chicago 7.


New skill alert Eddie Redmayne speaks Michigander Here are rave reviews for Eddie Redmayne’s accent work as displayed briefly in the new trailer today for …


Aggregate. Cuz I just watched a couple of clips and I literally have no idea what accents SBC and Eddie Redmayne are trying to do.


Unlike other british actors who adopted american accents, i’m surprised he … MovieChat Forums > Eddie Redmayne Discussion > I’m surprised he hasn’t used …


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