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2022年1月14日 … Corey Gamble. Does anyone else completely not understand Corey’s relationship with KJ? I know a few scenes were sus the way he looks at …


2022年3月9日 … … trolls who accused her of “grinding” on her mom Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble. In the said video, which was uploaded on Reddit, …


2022年3月1日 … COREY Gamble has been slammed by fans for following Kylie Jenner around … after a clip of him following Kylie, 24, re-emerged on Reddit.


2022年3月5日 … A TikToker revisited a clip from the reality show in their short video, which showed up on Reddit. Advertisement. Corey Gamble and Kris Jenner …


2022年3月1日 … Corey, 41, was branded “creepy” by fans after a clip of him following Kylie, 24, resurfaced on Reddit. In the video, the makeup mogul and her …


2022年3月2日 … After a clip of Corey, 41, following Kylie, 24, resurfaced on Reddit, fans slammed him as “creepy.” The makeup mogul and her sister Kendall …


His name is Corey Gamble, and apparently, he is one of Justin Bieber’s road managers. The pair was in Las Vegas for daughter Kim Kardashian’s 34th birthday.


Kylie Jenner is taking heat for getting a little too close for comfort with her mom’s beau Corey Gamble In a resurfaced video that went viral on Reddit …


2022年2月19日 … Kanye West has sparked rumors that Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble have split after one of his infamous Instagram posts.


2022年3月3日 … Fans have criticized COREY Gamble for following Kylie Jenner around “like a … when a video of him following Kylie, 24, appeared on Reddit.


2022年3月6日 … A TikToker revisited a clip from the reality show in theirs short videothat popped up on Reddit. Corey Gamble and Kris Jenner had an awkward …


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