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2021年5月24日 … CBO estimates that plans for U.S. nuclear forces, as described in the fiscal year 2021 budget and supporting documents, would cost $634 …


2021年5月24日 … Nuclear Weapons Laboratories and Supporting Activities. The amounts that DOE budgets for its nuclear weapons laboratories and supporting …


The 2019 CBO report had forecast total U.S. spending on nuclear forces at $494 billion through 2028 and estimated that the annual cost during those years …


We are currently spending some $35 billion to operate and maintain our nuclear force, address the legacies of the Cold War–nuclear waste “cleanup” and victims …


18 小時前 … The Congressional Budget Office’s latest estimate is that U.S. nuclear forces will cost $634 billion over the next 10 years.


Over the next decade, the United States plans to spend $494 billion on its nuclear forces, or about $50 billion a year, according to a 2019 Congressional …


2021年5月24日 … The cost estimate for the nuclear forces from 2021-2030 represents a 28 … introduced a bill to cut $73 billion from the nuclear budget.


2021年5月24日 … WASHINGTON AP — The projected cost of modernizing the U.S. nuclear force is escalating, including billions of dollars more to operate …


2021年12月14日 … Nevertheless, questions about the costs of these programs, and the trade-offs they might require within the defense budget, surfaced after.


2021年5月24日 … A new analysis by the Congressional Budget Office says operating and modernizing U.S. nuclear forces is likely to cost $634 billion over the …


2021年6月15日 … The U.S. nuclear arsenal comes with a high price tag. The Congressional Budget Office recently estimated that it will cost $634 billion to …


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