nuclear force class 11

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The nuclear force is the force that binds the protons and neutrons in a nucleus together. This force can exist between protons and protons, neutrons and protons …


Out of the four fundamental forces, nuclear forces are the strongest attractive forces. Electromagnetism holds matter together, but …


Strong Nuclear Force: It is the attractive force between protons and neutrons in a nucleus.It is charge-independent and acts equally between a proton and a …


Hint: The strong nuclear force is also called the strong interaction. This force is associated with the nuclei of the atoms. This force is strongest and is …


Claim your FREE Seat in Vedantu Master Classes Register now. filledbookmark … Often it is also called the weak nuclear forces in particle physics.


CBSE Class 11 Physical World | Physical World Super Easy Explanation | Nuclear, Long and Short Force CRASH COURSE on Class 11 “Physical …


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The weak nuclear force or just the weak force, or weak interaction acts inside of individual nucleons, which means that it is even shorter …


2018年10月13日 … The strong nuclear force binds protons and neutrons in a nucleus. It is evident that without some attractive force, a nucleus will be …


2014年4月29日 … Topperlearning · CBSE Class 11-science – Ask The Expert; Answered … 1 The strong nuclear force binds protons and neutrons in a nucleus.


Answer: Nuclear forces are short range strong attractive forces that act between two proton-proton, neutron-proton and neutron-neutron pairs. Two protons have …


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