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Nuclear force is the force that binds the neutrons and protons in a nucleus together. It is one of the four fundamental forces of nature Explore the …


The nuclear force is the force that binds the protons and neutrons in a nucleus together. This force can exist between protons and protons, neutrons and …


Strong nuclear force” is a somewhat old-fashioned term for the “strong interaction”, which is the interaction between quarks that make up a nucleus.


Nuclear Force is defined as the force exerted between numbers of nucleons. … Nuclear forces are independent of the charge of protons and neutrons.


The strong nuclear force is one of the four natural forces in the world and it is the strongest. It holds the protons and neutrons together in the atom.


Weak nuclear forces are responsible for the radioactive decay, specifically the beta decay neutrino interactions.


The nuclear force or nucleon–nucleon interaction or residual strong force is a force that acts between the protons and neutrons of atoms.


Nature of Nuclear Force · Nuclear forces are attractive in nature. · These forces are independent of charges. · The range of nuclear forces is short. · As the …


In particle physics, the weak interaction the weak force or weak nuclear force is the mechanism of interaction between sub-atomic particles that causes …


The weak nuclear force is the second weakest force, after the force of gravity, and it’s the force with the shortest range. It was first devised to explain …


The nuclear force is the strongest of the fundamental forces. … The nuclear force is due to the interactions of protons and neutrons. Physics.


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