is nuclear force conservative

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2017年11月22日 … Practically speaking, nuclear force is not a conservative force. · As conservation of force holds good at weak interaction but since nuclear force is extremely …


2019年7月17日 … What i can write,the correct answer in one word? … Theoretically speaking, yes they are conservative because they follow conservation of force.


charge independent · short-range force · non-conservative force · spin-dependent force · Nuclear force is: a Charge independent because only protons have charge …


Yes, the weak nuclear force is conservative. This means that energy is not lost when the weak nuclear force acts on quarks in the nucleus of an atom….


The nuclear force or nucleon–nucleon interaction, residual strong force, or, historically, strong nuclear force is a force that acts between the protons …


2013年6月20日 … The notion of “conservative forces” is not in any way fundamental. What’s fundamental is that we’re able to assign a number to the state of …


The nuclear force between the two nucleons increases rapidly as size of nucleus increases. d. Nuclear force is a conservative force.


Conservative forces ; strong nuclear force that holds the atomic nucleus together. The simplest example is the ; heavy hydrogen, which consists either of a proton …


2019年3月27日 … Is nuclear force conservative in nature ? explain how Get the answers you need, now


i Gravitational foces and electromagnetic forces are central forces. ii Weak forces and nuclear forces are non conservative forces.


2013年12月23日 … Out of the four fundamental forces, strong, weak and electromagnetic forces are conservative in nature. Newtonian gravity is also …


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