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2022年3月1日 … It won’t be Mikhail Gorbachev’s name written on the death certificate of the Russian empire: it will be Putin’s. Gorbachev left Russians and …


4 日前 … Putin can’t win. He may take Kyiv. He may occupy Ukraine. But his credibility is shot, his economy is in tatters, and he may want to take as …


1 日前 … Sooner or later, Putin will need to accept defeat — while calling it a victory.


Mr Zakaria said Putin had a fantasy that Ukraine will welcome Russian soldiers. That is close to the opposite of what’s happened.


2 日前 … Watch | Fareed Zakaria: West Can’t Allow Putin to Win in Ukraine, … Russian President Vladimir Putin could be “a little bit crazy”.


5 日前 … Vladimir Putin probably won’t be able to win his war in Ukraine. The Ukrainians aren’t likely to win it, either. And, as the violence …


2022年2月18日 … If Russia gains control of Ukraine or manages to destabilize it on a major scale, a new era for the United States and for Europe will begin.


2022年2月26日 … Analysts expect that, once Kyiv falls, the military aggression will give way to a political settlement that puts a Russia-friendly government in …


6 日前 … So long as Beijing straddles the fence, Russia’s economy won’t implode. It will experience hyperinflation, its living standards will erode, …


2022年3月2日 … Russia cannot win this war in any meaningful sense. A protracted occupation of a vengeful Ukraine will weaken Russia economically and …


2022年3月8日 … To do that, Russia hoped to move in with a swift military victory before the West could react. Now that it has become a protracted fight, …


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