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1 日前 … What languages can Vladimir Putin speak? … Mr Putin does speak English, with his level of fluency often praised by onlookers. In addition to …


2014年8月31日 … Putin is fluent in German, and communicates well with German leaders including Merkel. Recall that his first real job was for KGB in East Germany, he was there …


Putin’s second language is German, a language he will frequently use when he travels to German-speaking countries. He used the language on a …


2016年4月8日 … The Russian president has surprised the audience at a forum in St. Petersburg, by allowing his German language skills to shine.


2018年6月5日 … Can I finish what I’m saying?” the Russian President said after being interrupted, before seamlessly switching to German, saying: “Please be …


2022年3月3日 … Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks three languages-Russian, German and English fluently- but does not speak French.


2018年5月29日 … German. Having spent the last five years of the GDR’s existence stationed in Dresden, President Putin claims he learned to speak German …


2021年3月30日 … Not every day, but he does English several times a week. These are short courses, but regular ones,” Peskov said. Speaking about the …


2022年1月31日 … As a former KGB agent who was stationed in Dresden, Germany for five years in the 1980s, Putin became fluent in German. He reportedly improved …


Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin born 7 October 1952 is a Russian politician and former … Putin studied German at Saint Petersburg High School 281 and speaks …


2014年9月25日 … Language of diplomacy: Putin, a former KGB agent who spent five years in Dresden, is proud of his fluent German, said to have improved even …


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