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Places online and mobile to play classic Bejeweled


Learn how to safely move a piano without movers.


Learn to play the card game cribbage.


Russian state television showed President Vladimir Putin playing the piano in Beijing on Sunday. Putin tried his hand at the anthems of …


2017年5月15日 … Putin, a 64-year-old former KGB spy has demonstrated his skills on the piano in the past, although he has mostly cultivated a more macho image.


Well, he isn’t well practiced but he is doing a lot of things right. First, none of his fingers are isolated. · He is using gravity to play the keys. This is …


Russian president Vladimir Putin plays the piano while awaiting Chinese premier Xi Jinping for bilateral talks in Beijing on Sunday.


Russian President Vladimir Putin, known for his displays of sporting prowess, showed an artistic side on Sunday by playing two Soviet-era …


2017年5月14日 … The Russian president performed the songs from the 1950s while waiting for President Xi Jinping at a forum.


2017年5月15日 … Putin was in Beijing to discuss China’s new Silk Road plan, but the main news from the summit so far has been his casual moment at the piano. He …


In the original video from May 2017, Putin played two songs from his childhood — “Evening Song,” by Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi and “Moscow Windows,” …


Russian President Vladimir Putin played Soviet-era songs, state TV reported, before meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping for talks in Beijing. They will be …


2017年5月15日 … On May 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin was filmed playing two Russian songs – Moscow Windows and Evening Song – on the piano, …


2017年5月14日 … CNN Vladimir Putin, Russia’s leading Renaissance man, has just shown off yet another hidden talent: He’s a trained pianist. The controversial …


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