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Hot Female TV Artists of India

By Newsmeter NetworkPublished on 30 Jan 2021 8:52 AM GMT

Hot Female TV Artists of India

Popular TV Actresses: Top 25 Female TV Artists of India

1. Hina Khan:

2. Divyanka Tripathi:

3. Jennifer Winget:

4. Nia Sharma:

5. Rashami Desai:

6. Drashti Dhami:

7. Mouni Roy:

8. Shwetha Tiwari:

9. Anita Hassandani:

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10. Sanaya Irani:

11. Surbhi Jyoti:

12. Ankita Lokhande:

13. Premi Vishwanath:

14. Suhasini:

15. Navya Swami:

16. Pallavi Ramisetty:

17. Ashmitha Karnani:

18. Haritha:

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19. Aishwarya Pisse:

20. Meghana Lokesh:

21. Sameera Sherif:

22. Rachitha Rachu:

23. Seetha Meghna Vincent:

24. Priyanka M Jain:

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25. Neelima Rani:

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