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Rob Lowe Finally Reveals if Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Oprah Interview Was at His House

Rob Lowe Finally Reveals if Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Oprah Interview Was at His House 2

BySamantha BergesonMay 21, 2021 6:12 PMTags

The new Brat Pack?

Rob Lowe has officially been neighbors with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for quite some time now, but is Montecito big enough for all three of them? The 9-1-1 Lone Star actor exclusively revealed on E! News’ Daily Pop today (May 21) what he really thinks of the royals moving in. 

“They definitely have brought a lot of attention to my sleepy little town,” Lowe explained of his Southern California home for 26 years. “Let me tell you something, once the royals move into your neighborhood, the neighborhood is never going to be the same.” 

Meghan and Harry live “over the fence” from Lowe’s first house in the area, and while the couple “keep a low profile,” Lowe has crossed paths with the A-listers. “I saw Harry once driving,” Lowe remembered. 

Of course the royals aren’t the only high-profile residents of the beach town. “When Oprah moved in, that began the sort of resurgence of Montecito,” Lowe admitted. “Now that the royals are here: The good news is property values go up, the bad news is the line is longer at Starbucks.”

Daily Pop co-host Kym Whitley had to ask about the rumors: Was the shocking Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah Winfrey really filmed at Lowe’s house? 

“It’s so funny. Everybody thinks the interview is shot at my house and then my friend Ted Sarandos who runs Netflix, everybody thought they shot it at his house,” Lowe laughed. “Here’s my thing and I have no idea: I think they just plain old shot it at Oprah’s. I swear to you, and they just said it was a mystery location.” 

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Lowe probably wasn’t spending too much time at home in Montecito, though, while filming his hit FOX series 9-1-1 Lone Star. The action-packed drama wraps its first season on Monday, May 24, and Lowe promised everything from Texas dust storms to plane collisions. “I don’t know how these producers and this crew do it, but they raise the production bar every week,” Lowe proudly revealed. “This year we’ve had volcanoes and crazy over the top stuff but Monday is probably our best episode.” 

Fans can expect to see more Lone Star Lowe next year for season two. “The show has been this extraordinary success and I’m psyched. When you get a big hit, you celebrate,” Lowe gushed. 

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The Mental Samurai host has plenty to celebrate this month, with May 10 marking his 31 years of sobriety. “I’ve been blessed in that when I was ready, I was ready,” Lowe explained of stepping away from drugs and alcohol. “It just isn’t going to happen until you’re truly ready to do it, but don’t give up. You may have to have a couple of false starts…Don’t leave before the miracle.” 

Check out the heartfelt clip above and find out why co-host Justin Sylvester finds Lowe’s partnership with Atkins “too good to be true”! 

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