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2021年7月26日 … 219 Retweets · 2,266 Likes · Gaz · Seán Ono Lennon · Brian · Erick Gerónimo · HARV · toni · ₿a ElenHODL · Robbie kordell · SHIBArmy 十八军队.


2021年7月25日 … 135 Retweets · 1,415 Likes · XRP The Chosen One GRIM WALKIN · Randall_Flagg · David Levy · Aaron Wan · Rolando Gonzalez · Deep Bhatti · Danny …


2021年7月13日 … “Hundreds of times” is a major overstatement. It’s hard to quantify the positive effect of Amazon’s AWS business on the overall economy, …


6 日前 … Never miss a Moment … Wen credit card? … The media could not be played. … When FUD no longer has an effect on the market, usually means the bull …


2021年5月12日 … When Elon realizes that bitcoin mining is actually pushing the renewable energy industry forward, he will refresh position and #bitcoin will …


I think it’s about time we get a rally going in Washington DC. I’m going to make some phone calls. More on this later.


2021年7月24日 … Being a leader is not about making all the great decisions, but rather creating a culture that empowers everyone to make great decisions.


Cameron WinklevossVerified account @cameron. 1/ [email protected] and I founded @Gemini 6 yrs ago with the mission to empower individuals through crypto and the …


2021年4月16日 … Regrets really hitting me now. I gave 80,000 away for free on a forum competition back in 2014. I don’t own any now …


All GameStop $GME needs is one tweet from @elonmusk to go hyper parabolic and blow out the fat cat shorts for good. 10:47 AM – 26 Jan 2021.


The latest Tweets from Cameron Winklevoss @cameron. #bitcoin.


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