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In 2001, Fortune Magazine published a list of the top losers of the Tech Bubble. Ranked #1 was none other than Michael Saylor, …


2021年6月8日 … Michael Saylor, the current CEO of NasDAQ-listed MicroStrategy, … in June 2001 listed it as the biggest loser of the entire dotcom bubble.


2021年4月29日 … MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor preaches the bitcoin gospel. … fall from grace was one of the biggest nosedives of the dotcom bubble burst.


2020年12月8日 … Let’s face it. None of us heard of Micheal Saylor and Microstrategy before they… … MSTR crashes more than 90% after the dotcom bubble …


2021年6月22日 … Also, consider the fact that Michael Saylor topped the list of dot com bubble era losers, losing billions in dollars at the time. Let’s hope …


Timeline in Headlines: At the peak of the Internet bubble, MicroStrategy’s Michael J. Saylor was worth an estimated $13 billion and was predicting his company …


… affordable, simple, & secure savings account to billions of people that don’t have the option or desire to run their own hedge fund.” – Michael Saylor.


2021年6月21日 … VIDEO9:2609:26. Microstrategy’s Michael Saylor on the company’s bitcoin future … which was its highest level since the dot-com boom.


2021年2月23日 … MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor told CNBC on Tuesday he sees … MicroStrategy’s stock hit its highest level since the dot-com boom on Feb.


The burst of the bubble, known as the dot-com crash, lasted from March 11, … restatement for the previous two years by founder Michael J. Saylor.


2021年2月28日 … MicroStrategy of Michael Saylor lost in the DotCom bubble in 2001 over $13.53 Billion and was ranked as the biggest losing investor.


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