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2021年4月7日 … The twins are early investors of bitcoin, having started in 2012. As per Forbes, the net worth of the twins stood at $3 billion each as of 5 …


2021年6月4日 … It’s now valued around US$37,000 and the Winklevii, as they’ve become known, have seen their combined net worth soar to US$6 billion.


2019年7月10日 … The identical 6ft5 twin brothers are best known for taking on Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg in a lawsuit that saw them receive a $65 million …


2017年12月3日 … The twin brothers who sued Mark Zuckerberg claiming he stole the idea for Facebook are worth more than $1bn after capitalising on the …


2018年1月5日 … Of course, that’s still 10 spots under and about $40 billion short of Zuckerberg’s net worth, but it illustrates the stark divide between …


Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have a combined net worth of $1.2billion £894million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. They made the lion’s share of their …


Mark Zuckerberg famously duped the twins and turned their idea into one of the largest companies in the world. From the outside most people want to not like …


2021年4月5日 … Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss waged a famous legal battle against Mark … net worth of more than $6 billion last month, the outlet reports.


2019年8月21日 … The twins were early Bitcoin billionaires, buying into it when it was worth roughly $8. Bitcoin now has a value of around $10,000. So, what …


2021年4月27日 … After losing an epic battle with Mark Zuckerberg over ownership of Facebook and being … rocketing their combined net worth to $6 billion.


2021年5月4日 … They are still quite far from Mark Zuckerber’s $123 billion net worth – aka the fifth largest personal fortune in the world – but this story of …


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