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Apple iPhone – Volume Controls · From a Home screen, navigate: Settings Settings Icon > Sound & Haptics. Note · From the RINGER AND ALERT section, touch and hold …


Guarantee time the same length as Apple Store provide to make sure you receive the best quality service; Express turnaround for online and local customers  …


2021年6月21日 … When your iPhone’s sound, volume, or notifications are silent or don’t work, these 13 steps should help you get your sound working again.


Simultaneously hold down the on / off button located on the right side and the volume down button on the phone for a few seconds. Then slide your finger to the …


Tap on Settings > General > Accessibility> Phone Noise Cancellation. · Switch this setting to OFF. · This …


2021年5月21日 … After the Update your phone restart automatically. Now check whether your volume problem is gone. Solution 10: Remove your iPhone case.


2019年11月27日 … You can adjust the ringer volume on an iPhone in the Settings app, or through the Volume buttons on the side of your device.


Broken iPhone XR volume buttons?. We can help Repair Diagnostic. This is the repair you need if one or both of your iPhone’s volume buttons aren’t working …


Turn silent mode on your Apple iPhone XR iOS 12.0 on or off. Read help info. When silent mode is turned on, all phone sounds are turned off. Step 1 of 1.


15.5k members in the iPhoneXR community. … getting into the speakers, I couldn’t fix it and didn’t want to spend money on speakers so I lived with it.


First solution: Toggle the ringer switch then restart your iPhone. · Second solution: Turn off Do Not Disturb DND feature. · Third solution: …

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