Beautiful angel-like DJ owns a chest up to 101cm

Beautiful girls have round 1 is extreme upto 110cm, both they come from Korea and Viet Nam, wow

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Beautiful angel-like DJ owns a chest up to 101cm 1

Referring to the famous Korean DJ, most people will think of DJ Soda with sweet beauty, hot body. However, in the Korean DJ world, in addition to Soda, there is still another female DJ whose beauty is both pure and sexy, equally famous, that is DJ MIU.

Beautiful angel-like DJ owns a chest up to 101cm - 1

According to the study, DJ MIU’s real name is Won Mi-Ryung, famous for her fiery body, a huge bust, ant waist but a beautiful, innocent and innocent face.

Beautiful angel-like DJ owns a chest up to 101cm - 2

The beauty of the opposing combination combines extremely well on the body of DJ Mi-Ryung, making her very special and very attractive.

Beautiful angel-like DJ owns a chest up to 101cm - 3

Many fans of Mi-Ryung said that they really admire her beauty and beautiful hourglass figure. Although possessing a large, round chest (101cm), the limbs of the female DJ are still very slim.

Beautiful angel-like DJ owns a chest up to 101cm - 4

On the personal Instagram page alone, Mi-Ryung has over 920,000 followers. She also regularly shares her hot, beautiful images, attracting hundreds of thousands of favorites.

Beautiful angel-like DJ owns a chest up to 101cm - 5

On the 11th of November single, sexy Korean DJ continued to post attractive images, making fans satisfied.

Beautiful angel-like DJ owns a chest up to 101cm - 6

Some even think that, compared to DJ Soda, DJ MIU Won Mi-Ryung is even better in beauty.

Beautiful DJ like an angel owns a bust up to 101cm - 7

Not only has the beautiful face, Mi-Ryung’s physique is also tall, slim waist, firm, long legs, much better than Soda.

While the name Vo Thi Thu Trang (Hai Duong, famous for possessing an oversized bust, measuring up to 110cm) is slowly settling down, netizens are stirred up by another girl who also owns a bust. ” equally “terrible. It was Thien Di, a 12th-grader in Ho Chi Minh City.

Suddenly appearing the opponent of Hai Duong schoolgirl - 110cm - 1 breast

Recently netizens have been paying attention 

“The female student possesses a huge round, which makes people often call it a three-headed monster”, a series of everyday images appearing on social networks with such description makes Thien Di become the focus of public attention. .

For the Saigon girl herself, that was just too ordinary. Possessing a beautiful face and an oversized bust, Thien Di often faced with gossip and scrutiny of everyone.

“Rude remarks are too many … but that is one’s personal opinion. At first it was hard to face it but gradually I got used to it. There is no other way to try to strive to be better every day and not let those criticisms affect my life, ” Thien Di shared.

Suddenly appeared the opponent of a female student in Hai Duong with a size of 110cm - 2

Thien Di is very confident in her appearance 

She was quite surprised when her series of daily photos were shared on social networking forums. Once again having to read negative comments from strangers who didn’t understand me, Thien Di was quite sad. However, she did not because of that low self-esteem.

Migratory honest share, for 1 large that she met many troubles in life, such as choosing clothes, move … “I do not often wear halter tops, short sleeve because it will make people focus rings 1 of his. If a girl doesn’t wear those clothes often, it’s a little sad, ” said Thien Di.

Thien Di encountered many difficulties in choosing costumes

Sai Thanh girl is lucky to be able to understand by her friends so she has no trouble coming to class. She still confidently participates in extracurricular activities of the school and class if given the opportunity.

Thien Di is also not afraid to share her sexy moments on social networks despite receiving mixed opinions.

“I pursue a dynamic, sexy style that is suitable for my age and feel that the image is not offensive at all. As for the first round, I have a rule to never reveal it because I don’t want to be tied like a female friend in Hai Duong, ” Thien Di said.

Let’s see some beautiful images of Saigon girls:

Thien Di rarely wears short or two-string tops

She often chose discreet clothes so others would not focus her attention on her breasts

The image of a rare sexy dress of Thien Di

Beautiful real life photos of Saigon girls.

Nowadays, many girls have a good income from online business. This is an effective sales channel, especially for girls with beautiful looks. But it comes with no small troubles. Some people are even sexually harassed, the story of the Singapore hot girl is a typical example.

Ukinikay Nakihcinnak one of the famous bloggers of Singapore

Ukinikay Nakihcinnak has a beautiful appearance, good-looking and especially super round 1. That was the reason why she had trouble with the vulgar guests. Accordingly, young girls often receive purchase messages from strangers with content to buy back … her underwear must be underwear … not yet washed.

It is because of the attractive beauty that Ukinikay Nakihcinnak encountered trouble

Cases that Ukinikay Nakihcinnak posted on the Internet can be mentioned as a guy who wants her to personally deliver goods and … wear that outfit. He would buy that outfit as long as she had to wear it. They will meet at the subway camp.

Because she is too hot, the online sales girl is always harassed by male customers - 3

Ukinikay Nakihcinnak has a beautiful, good-looking appearance 

Ukinikay Nakihcinnak is a quite famous girl on the Lion Island. She is a blogger specializing in beauty guides and selling clothes. Ukinikay Nakihcinnak’s clothes are often fashionable, impressive and a lot of young people like. Besides, she also often liquidates old clothes and sells well.

Because it is so beautiful and sexy, Ukinikay is often criticized by male guests 

Or another man contacted her and offered to buy her … her unwashed underwear. Although Ukinikay Nakihcinnak explained that everything her clothes were washed clean before delivery to the guests, he continued to bargain: “ So you can wear it for a few hours before delivering it to me. I will pay you more . ” When she asked him why he wanted to do so while he was married and had children (his avatar showed him), he ignored it and just wanted to receive it as quickly as possible. good.

She was even asked by many male guests to buy back the underwear that she wore

The beautiful girl wrote the annoying words on her personal page: “It is so funny when some guys do these things and think it is normal behavior. With these types of customers I am willing to refuse and speak directly to him. It was an appropriate response for them. They are really sick and disrespectful women. Maybe I regularly post sexy pictures and show off my breasts on social networks but that doesn’t mean they can tease or say insults. That behavior is unacceptable. “

The “spoiled” guests always made Ukinikay Nakihcinnak miserable 

Ukinikay Nakihcinnak flatly rejected orders from the vulgar guests

She also wrote a letter hoping that everyone would understand more than her hot, seductive does not mean that men have the right to joke.

Ukinikay Nakihcinnak is really too beautiful and sexy

She also sends a message to all men that women have the right to post their photos on social media the way she likes. But that does not mean they are letting go of words or rude suggestions. It is sexual harassment.

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