Top 10 most delicious dishes in Hanoi Old Quarter for gourmets

If you have the opportunity to visit Hanoi and want to learn about the culinary culture of this Ha Noi land, then you do not need to go to luxurious restaurants. But even on the old streets you will easily find delicious dishes to your heart's content. Here, the toplist will introduce the best dishes in Hanoi's old quarter, you also find out!


Bun con – Hang Chai

Snail noodle restaurant on Hang Chai street has a long life in the old town of Hanoi and it is always simple as ever. This is one of the delicious dishes not to be missed in Hanoi's old quarter, especially for those who love traditional snail noodles. But the restaurant is located deep in a small street but always crowded with customers. Because this is originally a simple noodle shop, when enjoying guests, you have to carry a whole bowl. That is also the simple image of the traditional food vendors in Ha Thanh. This noodle restaurant is only open in the morning and runs out very quickly, so you should come early.

Address: 6 Hàng Chai, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi
Reference selling price: 30,000 VND / bowl
Opening hours: 6am – 12pm

Bun con - Hang Chai

Bun rieu – alley Phất Lộc

Rieu vermicelli restaurant is located deep in the alleys of Phat Loc. This place is known for the recipe to make extremely delicious rieu soup, will eat forever to remember, never be confused with other places selling noodle soup. For a long time, this vermicelli noodle restaurant has always been considered one of the favorite destinations in Hanoi's Old Quarter because it is both cheap and delicious. Just approaching the burden of vermicelli, the smell of smell has spread from the pot of red broth due to the color of tomatoes and the yellow of the beans together with the scum of onion and onion, making customers crave. Despite its simplicity, this dish is very popular with diners and almost always here.

Address: Phat Loc alley, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Reference price:  10,000 VND / bowl
Opening hours: 6h30 – 10h

Bun rieu - alley Phất Lộc

Pho burden – Hang Chieu

Pho burden brings a very old and nostalgic simplicity image of Hanoi. Pho burden is not only excellent dish compared to many other famous pho restaurants in Hanoi, but it also has a very unique flavor unmistakable. Ganh pho is located right on the pavement of Hang Chieu street, the intersection with Hang Duong is always sold early, becoming a restaurant that is not too strange for anyone living nearby.

When you come here, you will surely be attracted by the image of a hot and steaming bowl of pho, fragrant with the smell of bone, sliced beef, softly eaten, and the meat is still a little pink, looking delicious , the chewy noodles made up the characteristic smell of new rice, then sliced onions, fragrant basil, all blended into a clear broth, added a few greasy greases, creating a medium aroma. fat, just pure, hard to resist. If you enjoy this bowl of pho while the whole city is still fast asleep, it is a very interesting experience.

Address: Hang Chieu (First Section of Hang Duong – Hang Chieu Intersection), Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Reference price: 35,000 VND – 40,000 VND / bowl
Opening hours: 15h – 19h

Pho burden - Hang Chieu

Shrimp, fried dumplings – Hang Bo

This is originally a toad restaurant located on the roadside on Hang Bo street, but the restaurant is quite clean and spacious. Shrimp and dumplings are the most popular dishes here, but you can also order pillow cake, coconut jelly. Shrimp and dumplings are very tasty, golden fried bread crust without getting tired because of grease, with some fresh raw vegetables accompanied by dipping sauce with extremely tasty salty and sour sauce.

Address: 57A Hang Bo, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi 
Reference price: 20,000 – 50,000 VND
Opening hours: 15h – 18h

Shrimp, fried dumplings - Hang Bo

Coconut cream and caramel – Hang Than

Hang Than coconut ice cream attracts a large number of customers with extremely famous caramel. Coconut cream here is beautifully decorated, enough ice cream for 2 people to eat a coconut. The cream is greasy but not too sweet, covered with fresh coconut, crushed peanuts, adding a little chocolate sauce and cinnamon waffle so it creates a strange feeling. Hang Than coconut ice cream shop is simply sitting on plastic chairs on the sidewalk, but not so that less crowded. There are many varieties of caramel and mango tea that are delicious but the price is very affordable.

Address: 22 Hang Than, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Reference price: caramel, about 12,000 VND / plate, coconut cream ,  about 30,000 VND / fruit
Opening time: 8am – 10pm

Coconut cream and caramel - Hang Than

Roasted tile birds – Ta Hien

For a long time, Ta Hien Street has been famous as a place for young people to play and is a familiar destination for Hanoi Old Quarter cuisine lovers. Every evening, when you come here, you will easily see the roasted tile bird houses giving off a sweet scent, especially on the crossroads between Ta Hien and Dao Duy Tu. The birds will be sandwiched on the griddle and baked on embers, outside covered with a layer of grease, up the complex aroma looks extremely attractive. The main customers here are young people and foreigners. This is also one of the delicious dishes in Hanoi Old Quarter that must try.

Address: 5B Ta Hien, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Reference price: 35,000 VND / blister of 4 children
Opening hours: 16h – 21h

Roasted tile birds - Ta Hien

Grilled Beef – Ma May Street

Just to see the street lights, Ma May Street is filled with the smell of the nose of baked goods. There are quite a lot of delicious grilled beef shops famous by many customers. The fresh beef on Ma May Street is soaked and marinated so that the beef is very soft, not too chewy and very suitable. When grilled, the aroma of meat mingled with other marinated spices emits an extremely attractive aroma.

Address: 47 Mã Mây, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi
Reference price: 350,000 VND / 2 people
Opening hours: 16h – 22h

Grilled Beef - Ma May Street

Mix rice paper – Hang Trong

This is one of the delicious dishes in the old quarter of Hanoi. It was merely a car with small plastic seats, but the shop was always crowded. The rice paper mixed here compared with the recipe of Saigon has some variations to better suit the Northern people such as not too sweet, the sauce is not dark, not too spicy, no shrimp salt and no shrimp . In particular, the rice paper here is rich with dried beef and squid, so it will definitely make you enjoy.

Address: 90 Hang Trong Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi 
Reference price: 20,000 – 30,000 VND 
Opening hours: 17h – 22h

Mix rice paper - Hang Trong

Sour spring rolls – Temporarily

Ngo Thuong Thuong is known as a fried spring roll paradise in Hanoi, with only about dozens of spring rolls but this place offers a one-time taste that will remember forever. Nem chua here is fried in moderation, eaten crispy, not sticky, eat a lot no more like other places. Enjoying fried spring rolls at Temporarily Lane will bring a typical image of Hanoi street food, simple but full of excitement.

Address: 36 Ngo Temporary Commercial, Hang Bong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
Reference price: 5,000 VND – 55,000 VND / part
Opening hours: 8h – 22h

Sour spring rolls - Temporarily

Dried beef mannequin – Hoan Kiem street

The delicious dried beef mannequin dish on Ho Hoan Kiem Street is considered a must try dish when coming here. The dried beef mannequin here is made from quite familiar ingredients such as sliced dried beef, enough green shavings, herbs, roasted peanuts with more sliced roast meat and some attractive crunchy gizzards. All are mixed well with sweet and sour water to taste.

Address:  25 Hồ Hoàn Kiếm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi
Reference selling price:  30,000 VND / disc
Opening hours: 8h – 22h

Dried beef mannequin - Hoan Kiem street

Top 10 most delicious dishes in Hanoi Old Quarter for gourmets 5

Top 10 most delicious dishes in Hanoi Old Quarter for gourmets 6

Top 10 most delicious dishes in Hanoi Old Quarter for gourmets 7

Top 10 most delicious dishes in Hanoi Old Quarter for gourmets 8

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