Top 30 best cakes in Hanoi

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Top 30 best cakes in Hanoi 1

Going on any street of Hanoi you can come across pastry shops with many different brands. However, every store has its own unique flavor. Here are the "Golden Address" that make believers fall in love …

Salted egg sponge cake

– Essence of egg-scented bread, soft, fluffy; and soaked the egg oil sauce all the way through it, so rich it was until the last bite; Eat delicious without worrying about fat !!!
– Address:  Cake Shop 365 – TechcomBank Building near alley 161 Nguyen Luong Bang, Dong Da 
– Operating time: 08:00 AM – 10:00 PM, so order before arrival because the shop only sells online sir ( Phone: 096.997.5599)
– Price: Rectangle cake (220 g): 60k
          Round cake (size 20cm): 136k
          Add dried beef: + 10k / cake

60k / cake 220 g
60k / cake 220 g
136k / cake (size 20cm)
136k / cake (size 20cm)

Green tea ice cream choux

– Green tea cream puffs with a refreshing, refreshing scent of green tea, filled with the characteristic green tea cake of green tea looks very nice. Eat the fat and fat from milk, the cream is creamy and cool … This dish is very addictive, please try it and feel it!
– The owner is enthusiastic, friendly and quick to serve.
– Address:  No. 234 Pham Van Dong, Tu Liem  (Tel: 0969965125/01669404490)
– Price: 40k / 6 pieces
– Operating time: 09:00 AM – 08:00 PM
Green tea ice cream choux

Coconut sticky rice cake

– Fat, sticky, fragrant coconut. Price only 10k / delicious is really delicious!
– Address:  Van Chuong, Kham Thien, Dong Da markets
– Street vendors, so there is no signboard.
– Operation time: 07:00 AM – 16:00 PM
Coconut sticky rice cake

Fruit jam cake

– The sourness of the fruit jam and the sweetness of the cake below will make you unable to stop eating this interesting cake! This is a promising game that will make you "addicted" from the first piece hehe.
– The cake is very full, the crepe of the restaurant is delicious from the table and generally too excellent for a sidewalk restaurant.
– There is only one female doctor, so it will take a long time but the doctor is gentle and quite psychological. Any dish made is very quick and looks very attractive.
– Small space shop opposite Argento.
– Address:  Riec Rebeca100 – Số 31 Hàm Long, Hoàn Kiếm
– Opening time: 08:00 AM – 22:00 PM (Phone: 0438.738.292)
– Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/ Rebeca100.vn
– Price: 30k / interest.
Fruit jam cake

Bread rolls

– Super delicious rice cake divine super lots but very cheap! Cake is always soft, dense intestine. Above is a layer of sauce or butter, something very delicious and greasy but not tired and top covered with a layer of moulting. Savory salted rice cakes and delicious cakes.
– Address:  Madame Huong Dessert – Số 39 Lý Thường Kiệt, Hoàn Kiếm
– Price: 18k / item
– Especially here there's an older lady who is very friendly and enthusiastic. Introducing this cake for me, so come over and ask questions. In general, there are many types of cakes here, so I will try it gradually.
– City view with large space, quite beautiful.
– Operating time: 09:00 AM – 22:00 PM (Phone: 0918.959.959 – 0993.544.888)
– Webside: http://madamehuong.vn
Bread rolls

Chi Lang wormwood cake

– Wormwood cake – Lang Son specialty (only ranked after roasted duck) is fragrant, delicious, not bitter and sick. I tried eating some prisoners and ate them immediately. The cake is rich in national identity and especially good for health.
– The cake is made by an artist who is nearly 80 years old in the Tay ethnic group.
– Address:  Số 85, Vũ Trọng Phụng, Thanh Xuân.
– Price: 32k / pack / 10 pieces (The cake can be left for the next day, so you can buy it for breakfast the next day is also okay)
– Operating time: 09:00 AM – 21:00 PM (Phone: 0124.572 .6688 – 0168.687.8869)
– Fanpage http://facebook.com/banhngaichilang
Chi Lang wormwood cake

Freshly baked Australian beef pizza

– For those who love pizza and especially young people, it is impossible not to know this pizza shop. Very tasty pizza of course there are many different flavors to choose from. The base pizza is neither thick nor thin, just enough, the filling covers the whole delicious cake, how far it bites to The general is the best Hanoi, my sister living in England for 8 years also has to say that it is equally delicious and maybe more than the other stores over there. The price is a bit harsh, let's go for 2 people for 700k (with drinks).
– Address:  Pizza 4P's – Số 24 Lý Quốc Sư, Hoàn Kiếm.
– Operating time: Monday – Friday: 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM | Saturday – Sun: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
– View cozy, luxurious, suitable for those who go to eat with family like me.
– The staff is very friendly and nimble with nothing to criticize.

Freshly baked Australian beef pizza

Fried Chicken Burger

– Oh, yeah, oh my, I've never seen a Humberger baby bigger than that in my life. But there is 15k type to believe always, biting teeth but whole chicken. It was delicious, the chicken pie was very soft and very filling. The price is too student!
– Address:  Paradise of Eating – No. 3, 4C Lane Dang Van Ngu, Dong Da
– Price: 15k / piece
– Operating time: 8:00 AM – 22:00 PM
– Super fast service restaurant with comfortable seats.
Fried Chicken Burger

Pineapple leaf cake

– This dish is sure I think in Hanoi, nowhere. Biscuits are imported from Saigon so the taste is also very strange, strange and strange. In a platter of molasses and coconut milk. When eating, it will mix together to create a gentle, strange taste. Add a sprinkle of sesame seeds on top. Wow, great for an afternoon snack. In addition, when you come to eat at the restaurant, you will enjoy many types of tea available in many regions of Vietnam! Delicious food!
– Address:  Kitchen Ba Nuoi – T07-05-06 Times City Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung
– Price: 40k / interest.
– Operating time: 10:00 AM – 22:00 PM (Phone: 0985.984.133)
– The owner is enthusiastic and cute, the shop is on the old town of the West but the price is not expensive.
Pineapple leaf cake


– Macarons are super delicious here. Usually I don't eat a lot of cake because macarons are too sweet but I bought here and tried it once but I always loved it. Delicious cakes have about 6 flavors each with a different personality. The macarons are incredibly beautiful, the cream filling is super delicious, eating one is like walking in the clouds.
– Lovely enthusiastic hostess, beautiful cake design.
– Address:  Ribbon Stage Macarons – Số 16 ngõ 112 Tây Sơn, Đống Đa
– Operating time: 09:00 AM – 21:00 PM (Phone: 0946.841.558)
– Price: 120k / 9 pieces
– Instagram: www.instagram.com/ribbonstage


Sugar donuts, tiny honey

– Listening to the Internet for a long time, there are delicious donuts in O Quan Chuong, so I "went to the sun" and tried to find out how. The bakery is quite easy to find, looking across to O Quan Chuong.
– Each small donut is pretty, yellow, covered with aromatic white sesame, crispy crust, inside the bean paste is extremely flexible. Each piece is just a piece of floating cake, you can put it in your mouth without biting into a couple of three pieces, so the price is also very comfortable at only 1k / 1 small pretty donut. Everyone bought a few dozen of them, but I only bought a dozen, and they became full and ate forever. I heard that the saleswoman was very friendly and friendly but somehow I came coldly when I arrived. But in return, the cake is delicious hehe.
– Address: O Quan Truong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
– Operating hours: 09:00 AM – 03:00 PM

Sugar donuts, tiny honey

Oreo sandwich

– My favorite dish. Spin around, taste ice cream, milk dots and try it …
– The shop on Xa Dan road is easy to find.
– The space is a bit small, but the owner is friendly and lovely hehe.
– The price is also average, but because I feel that my stomach doesn't eat too much, every time I go out, I will bill more than a hundred :)) in general should try to know. Besides this oreo, there are many kinds of cakes here!
– Address:  Peem Ice Cream – Số 253 Xã Đàn, Đống Đa
– Operation time: 08:30 AM – 22:30 PM (Phone: 0162.958.9828)
– Price: 60k / 2 people
– Fanpage: https: / /www.facebook.com/peemicecream
Oreo sandwich

Bread mix

– A plate of bread with pâté, char siu, spring rolls, omelette and cucumber, a bit of a thick gravy sauce … You should order another cup of soy milk with good taste .
– Address:  Banh Mi Thien Su – Số 23 Cua Nam, Hoan Kiem
– Price: 40k / full capacity
– Operation time: 09:00 AM – 22:30 PM
Bread mix

Lava Cake

– Tieu Yeu Bakery – a place to turn your pastry dreams into reality. With lovely, cozy space with unique and delicious cakes, it will be a great choice for couples, friends and family.
– Small and small shop with shoes in the super-toxic staircase. The space is quite quiet, so sometimes you can come here to study and work 🙂
– Address:  Little Love Bakery – Số 126 Phố Huế, Hai Bà Trưng 
– Price: 38k / interest
– Operating time: 08 : 00 AM – 22:00 PM (Phone: 0984.888.648)
– Fanpage: www.facebook.com/LittleLoveBakery   
Lava Cake


– Pancakes are delicious but plump always, delicious sauce (there are 2 types: spicy and non-spicy for everyone to choose), raw herbs and cucumber for a lot of always, fresh! The funny boss again!
– The shop sits on the pavement cool. The car was in a nearby elementary school, quite convenient and convenient.
– Address:  Số 167A Doi Can, Ba Đình
– Price: 10k / item
– Operation time: 18:30 AM – 22:30 PM

Ship drift cake

– Winter or summer shops are very expensive. Especially in the summer only then, late to be out of stock. There are many types of traditional tea such as lotus longan, grapefruit tea, etc. and all newly imported to Vietnam such as Thai tea, white tea, … all of which are delicious. Trai said the tea shop had been in the Be Be tea shop for 20 years before moving here.)
– Moderate sweet draft train, no chemical sugar where okay. The two bosses are great, the boys are about 70 years old but very skillful and thoughtful. When shooting English, I introduced it to the West. I went out to eat in the evening, then I sat in front of the theater opposite the street because my old lady was an actress of the theater.
– Address:  Ba Mai Tea Shop – Số 93 Hang Bac, Hoan Kiem
– Price: 15k / bowl
– Operation time: 19:00 PM – 23:00 PM
Ship drift cake

Baked rice paper, rolled rice paper

– Wow, the day when I went to eat rice paper here, it was unexpectedly delicious, I still crave it now. At the beginning, I ordered a probe, I had to order another one because it was too delicious. Fragrant egg-scented smell of dried squid dried beef, white white in the middle is fresh squid.
– The shop is located on a bamboo section, which is quite easy to find because this street is not busy eating and drinking. The space of the bar has both sidewalk and indoor is generally quite airy.
– Address:  Số 48 Hàng Tre, Hoàn Kiếm
– Price: Mix rice paper: 20k
           Grilled rice paper: 25k
– Operation time: 16:00 AM – 22:00 PM
– Agile staff on every crime tells empty guests is not :))

Baked rice paper, rolled rice paper

Hot cast cakes

– Although the shop is only a small and simple burden, it still attracts customers to eat and buy. The cake is smooth and elastic like a lake but absolutely does not smell of lime. Cold winter days are harmful, wandering on the old town, it is best to find a gift to escape the rain to avoid the cold from the North.
– There are two types of hot casters and mixers. In general, the cold weather this hatred slumped slumped bowl of hot cake cast while blowing and eating is like to love.
– Airy, clean.
– Fast, thoughtful service (sold from morning to evening)
– Price: 20k / bowl.
– Address: 28 Hang Be, Hang Bac – Hoan Kiem.

Hot cast cakes

Bear's Burger

– Put 2 cakes on your hands just like a dog bear glove looks cute too. The crust has a few flavors: pineapple leaves, chocolate with bla bleo or something, there are 3 types of fried fish, fried chicken and fried egg + jambon
– Address:  Pizza Cones – Số 148B Bùi Thị Xuân, Hai Bà Trưng
– Price: 35k / interest
– Operation time: 8:00 AM – 22:00 PM (Tel: 0936,800,655)
– Fast, enthusiastic service; Airy, clean.

Bear's Burger

Choux cream

– Cake to say is great :)) Put a whole bite into the mouth 1 play is always flooded cream but not tired, very delicious, a bit sweet, should eat chocolate less sweet. The cream on the face is also delicious, there is almond cake, very nice bite, very fat, aromatic fat. Newly baked bread, so crispy hot shell, cool cream, perfect combination :))
– Central location, dedicated service, wifi. When bringing the cake is skewered to look enlightened.
– Address: Chewy Junior – Số 82C Tô Hiến Thành, Hai Bà Trưng.
– Price: 22k / piece.
– Operating time: 08:00 AM – 22:00 PM (Phone: 0439.748.968 – 0166.405.8888)
– Fanpage: http://www.chewyjunior.com.vn/
Choux cream

Matcha Lava Cake

– The first impression of the cake is that the cake here is so beautiful 🙁 I don't want to eat at all. Look at the photo to know how and know how. And also the first time I tasted matcha molten lava, average it usually only tastes the basic chocolate its so good the feeling of having one piece of liquid matcha after its melted looks so OISHII the matcha flavor is quite strong so sometimes people who are not used to eating it might find it strange I think it might be to be eaten with the sweet cream next to it. (There is also a tarot viewing here, you see the tarot quite well, so it is true right haha)
– Serve super enthusiastic and cute, considerate and attentive guests every little shop.
– Address: Eggcellent & More – No. 7 Ton That Thiep, Ba Dinh
– Price: 80k / interest
– Operation time: 09:00 AM – 22:00 PM
– Panpage: http://www.facebook.com/Eggcellent-More- 517377828424581
Matcha Lava Cake

Salty, sweet donuts

– A single slap of the donut! Yellow and crispy donuts look good on the eyes. Crust also coat a layer of sesame to eat very fragrant. Every time I go, I usually order a piece of salty cake, a piece of cake, eat one after another. I don't know which flavor I like more ^^. The dipping sauce is really good, thanks to the dipping sauce in part. Spicy and sour with green papaya with both chili, tight, saliva again :))
– The shop is in the alley so the car parking is difficult to eat but the seats should be less bought, it is more convenient.
– Address:  No. 126 Kim Nguu, Vinh Tuy, Hai Ba Trung
– Price: 4k / cake
          5k / cake salty.
– Operating time: 14:00 AM – 20:00 PM (Phone: 0125,652,146)

Salty, sweet donuts

Nachos Cake

– Enjoy the crispy nachos eaten like bim bim and eaten with minced beef sauce. Above is the greasy taste of cheese so it is strange to eat. The cake plate is full of stingers, about 2-3 people eating and chilling at the same time.
– Heard this restaurant is full of "good" chefs from famous restaurants, so make sure you see the subtlety in the presentation too!
– This is one of the restaurants with the most beautiful, spacious and romantic space in Hanoi.
– Staff were friendly and enthusiastic.
– Price: 87k / interest.
– Address:  Toast N Tea – Số 7 Hoàng Cầu, Đống Đa
– Operation time: 08:00 AM – 22:00 PM (Phone: 0966.788.840)
– Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/ toast.tea.hn

Nachos Cake

Sausage cake

– I originally did not like to eat salty cakes and especially did not like to eat CAKE CAKE but sorry the sausages here were too delicious and delicious, so I would like to withdraw my opinion :)). In addition, there are thousands, countless and thousands of salty cakes, cakes, big cakes, small cakes, gato, tart, su cream … the form of cake is immense, beautiful and luxurious. !
– However, I recommend that you only choose 1 to 2 types of bread for once and order more water to have the perfect meal. As for the price, salty cakes are much cheaper than cakes, drinks are also quite expensive. The service quality of the staff is also very enthusiastic. I highly recommend you to come here ^^
– Nice view, looking straight to the pedagogical university and a national university corner. Summer here is great, spoiled for watching phoenix flowers and royal nest in the pedagogy school :))
– Address: Tous Les Jourss Les Jours (number 241 Xuan Thuy – Cau Giay)
– Price: 60k / interest (as shown below)
– Operating time: 08:30 AM – 09:00 PM
(The plus point of "TLJ" is to use real fruits rather than syrup like many places)
Sausage cake

Spring rolls – Rice paper rolls Phuong

– The rolls here are extremely delicious, delicious from rolls, rolls to fish sauce. The rolls are thin but not crushed, multiply inside, add aromatic, super delicious onions. Spring rolls here in addition to the usual spring rolls also, very delicious. 2 kids come here to eat so hard that 60k is new :))
– Address:  68 Hang Cot Street, Hoan Kiem
– Price: 25k / interest
– Operation time: 09:00 AM – 18:00 PM
– Friendly staff friendly, quick service.
Spring rolls - Rice paper rolls Phuong

Mini cheese beef pizza

– Everything is pretty in this shop, fruit cakes or desserts are of mini size that fits your mouth. The mistress that day shared that it was a bit too hot, so I ate it a little, I still ate it delicious because of the softness of the meat, especially the famous aroma from cheddar cheese that stimulates the sense of smell.
– At this restaurant, all the ingredients are homemade, creating a very unique "home-made" flavor for each dish and also feeling "more secure" when enjoying it, hehe.
– The shop is usually only open for half a day because the mistress is still at work, the owner is also very cute and enthusiastic.
– Price: 30k / interest.
– Address:  Kitchen Bell – Số 25 lane 73 Giang Văn Minh, Ba Đình
– Operation time: 09:00 AM – 22:00 PM (Phone: 0904,317,380)
– Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/bepchuong
Mini cheese beef pizza

Fresh coconut pies

– The sweet and delicious cake is ok.
– Price: ordinary cow cake 5k / piece, soft cow cake 10k / piece.
– Operating time: 16:00 PM – 22:00 PM.
– Address: Alley 40 Ta Quang Buu, Bach Khoa, Hai Ba Trung (bought in old man's cart)

Fresh coconut pies

Bread Doner

– This is a fast food I choose often when I'm busy, bread is full, vegetables and meat are many. The full flavor and vegetables are what make me always choose Duc Long bread as a fast food ^^.
– A crowded restaurant should serve a little longer.
– Price: 30k / interest.
– Operating time: 06:00 AM – 10:00 PM.
– Address:  Duc Long Bread – No.4 Luong Ngoc Quyen, Hoan Kiem. 
Bread Doner

Chocolate dumplings

– I swear from the time I took off the cake to the time I ate it, I fell in love with the cake. The flavor is so unforgettable that making this cake is quite a feat. Peel off the cake with the chocolate filling. Biting off a piece doesn't make it sweet but it tastes good. I think this dish is unique to the shop.
– Price 25k / 3cai. (If you want to eat a lot, you need to order it to prepare the shopkeeper to prepare in advance, to receive the ship)
– Address:  Kitchen Bell – Số 25 ngõ 73 Giang Văn Minh, Ba Đình .
– Operating time: 09:00 AM – 22:00 PM (Phone: 0904,317,380)
– Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/bepchuong

Chocolate dumplings

Honey bread

– Every time I come here to eat Bingsoo, I order another piece of this cake ^^ Very fragrant, not too sweet. The sweetness of honey bread with ice cream and chocolate sauce and almond slices topped with savory flavor.
– The space is cool and airy, everything is great, so the staff are very enthusiastic.
– Price: 30k / interest.
– Operating time: 07:00 AM – 23:00 PM (Phone: 0437.836.604)
– Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/SnowIslandCoffee
– Address:  Snow Island Coffee – Số 222 Trần Duy Hưng, Cau Giay .
Honey bread

Top 30 best cakes in Hanoi 5

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